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Relax while our certified massage therapists come to your house and give you a therapeutic massage.

Just imagine.... candles have been lit, soft music is playing, your troubles begin to melt away and all in the comfort of your own home.

Swedish Massage
A Relaxing traditional European style massage using long, kneading strokes that relieves muscular tension and improves circulation.
60 minute $150.00
90 minute $200.00

Deep Tissue Massage
A deeper and slower massage that penetrates below the superficial muscle layers to release accumulated stress and tension.
60 minute $160.00
90 minute $210.00

Colorado River Stone Massage
Heated stones are placed on specific parts of the body to allow heat and energy to penetrate the area.  Each stone is then used with massage oil to massage specific areas of the body.  An incredible experience that will leave you hooked!
60 minute $160.00
90 minute $210.00

Add On To Your Massage

Reflexology Massage
20 minutes $25.00

Scalp and Facial Massage
10 minutes $12.00

Essential Oils

Paraffin Treatment
Hand: $20.00
Feet: $25.00
Combo:  $40.00